Tony Lazzeri. Frank Robinson. Robin Ventura. Nomar Garciaparra. Fernando Tatis.
Those are some of the players in Major League Baseball history who hit two grand slams in one game, a feat accomplished just 13 times.

In a 15-3 victory over Holy Cross at PNC Field, Mid Valley junior Brendan Kucharski hit two grand slams and knocked in 10 runs. He had a two-run single in the third inning, then hit his first grand slam in the fourth inning. He came to the plate with the bases loaded again in the seventh inning and socked his second grand slam.
Kucharski also had a solo home run in a 2-0 win over Dunmore earlier in the week. He went 4 for 8 in three games — all Spartans wins — with three home runs and 11 RBIs.

Here is more from his Athlete of the Week interview:

Other sports I play: Basketball
Favorite teams: New York Yankees, Penn State football
Athletes I admire: Prince Fielder. He showed that bigger guys like me can play the game of baseball. He was a big inspiration for me.
Superstitions and rituals: I’ve been wearing the same EvoShield (compression) arm sleeve for as long as I can remember. And once baseball season starts, I don’t cut my hair or shave. I let my hair grow for the whole season.
Favorite food: Chicken parm hoagies from Gangi’s in Throop.
Three people I’d like to have dinner with: Prince Fielder, my great grandfather Pete Kucharski, Bryce Harper

Before you hit the two grand slams, you had a two-run single. How did that help set up the two grand slams? I think that at-bat helped calm my jitters down.

What does it mean to you to do something that so few major league players have done? It’s a major accomplishment for me. You come up twice in that situation with the bases loaded. Hitting one grand slam is tough. But two, that’s something special.

Your bat helped the team start the season 3-0. What have been some other keys? Our defense. It’s what coach Kropa strives for and it’s been coming up big. We’ve been doing the fundamentals.

Goals for the rest of the season: As a team, we’re hoping to get the seniors one more championship to go out on. I believe a lot of them were freshmen when Mid Valley won the league. So if we could get them one more, that would be a big goal. Individually, I just want to keep bringing in runs for the team and help them in any way to win.

Post-graduation plans: I want to attend college. I’m leaning toward something in the broadcasting field. If I could play baseball in college, I’d like to.