Anna Talutto helped the Dunmore girls basketball team reach Hershey.
The sophomore had six points and four rebounds in the PIAA Class 3A semifinals against Trinity as Dunmore won, 50-24. She hit a 3-pointer late in the first half that gave the Lady Bucks a 30-7 halftime lead.
However, in the final at the Giant Center, Dunmore trailed Delone Catholic, 35-12, early in the third quarter. But Talutto’s aggressive style of play helped Dunmore mount a comeback, contributing two points, two rebounds and three steals. Unfortunately, the Lady Bucks fell short, 49-43, denying them the state title and undefeated season.
Here is more from Talutto’s Athlete of the Week interview:

Family: Father, Joe; mother, Lori; brothers, Joe, Cataldo; sister, Sophia
Other sports I play: Soccer, cheerleading
Favorite teams: I don’t really follow any specific teams. Whatever is on, I just kind of watch.

ANNA TALUTTO, Dunmore basketball

Athlete I admire: Saquon Barkley. He dives for ball and jumps over a lot of players. It encourages me to do that same thing in basketball games.
Favorite food: Ramen noodles
Superstitions and rituals: Before I leave my house, I have to put on my high-play list on Spotify and jam out. If I don’t, I don’t feel pumped up for the game. When I do, I show up excited and determined for the game.

Three people I’d like to have dinner with: I’ve thought a lot about this. My mom, because she’s my biggest supporter. She really pushes me to do my best. Same thing with my dad. He’s also one of my biggest supporters and whenever we talk it’s always about sports. So I feel like a nice sit-down dinner would be good. And my papa, Cataldo Pinto. Before he died, he gave me the best advice. If I want something, then I have to fight for it, show people what I’m capable of and work harder.

Talk about the fast start against Trinity: We practiced hard for the Trinity game and watched film on them. Once we got there, we gave it our all. Even when we got up a lot, we didn’t give up and kept going strong. Whenever we have a fast start, it just pushes us to keep up the pace.
What were some of the things you and your teammates were saying to each other when you were trying to come back in the state final? All the seniors kept telling us that we were still in this. It’s not over and we have a lot of time left. Keep fighting for it and give it our all.

There was a play near the end of the third quarter where you grabbed a rebound with Delone Catholic’s Brooke Lawyer and she grabbed your head, threw you to the ground and was called for an intentional foul. You hit both free throws. Describe that sequence: I didn’t think too much about it other than I have to make these two shots. When I walked to the foul line, I was just thinking about all my lessons and training I’ve done. When I shot them and made them, I thought, ‘This is easy.’ Did you get hurt at all from being thrown to the court? Oh yeah, the next morning I woke up with random bruises everywhere — on my wrist, my back, my tailbone. Did Lawyer say anything to you? She helped me up, but I don’t think she said anything. At least she helped me up. I have a story where a girl pushed me down and walked over me.
Even though the team lost, are you proud of the way the team tried to fight back and didn’t quit? I feel like we really did show that we have heart even if we’re down. Yes, I’m really proud.
What will you remember most about the 29-1 season? I’ll remember the seniors always motivating us to keep giving it our all and pushing us to our limits. Even though the state title didn’t happen, we still have that spark and fire in us. As a returning player, is that something you will try to carry on next season? Definitely. That’s always going to be our goal.

Post-graduation plans: What I want to do is be like a physical therapist. If I wanted to go to college outside of Pennsylvania, I’d want to go somewhere in New York City, like NYU. Or if I wanted to go somewhere local, like the U (University of Scranton). That’s what I’ve been thinking about. I’m still thinking if I want to play a sport in college, but I’m leading more toward yes.