I am a huge Sephora girl but there are tons of great beauty and skin care brands out there. I want to tell you about some of my favorites. 

BRZLNSKIN’s philosophy is clinical meets natural with ingredients derived from the Amazon based on scientific results. Think of all the Brazilian people you know — especially the Victoria’s Secret model list. Brazil is doing something right as far as skin care and I was stoked to try these products. I’ve been using two products: BraxtonInsta Instantaneous Skin Tightener and Filler and Açai Triple Stem Cell Complex – Sleep Mask. Sorry to my drugstore gals — these products are definitely prestige prices. (Drugstore makeup and skin care posts coming so soon!) They WERK, though. I’m sure we’re all a little tired from Halloweekend and these two products can save you the next time you party like rock star.

BraxtonInsta Instantaneous Skin Tightener and Filler

I have a very reactive face. I have no crows feet since my undereyes absorb the pressure when I smile but I do have lines all over my forehead. It’s due to sun damage in my teens, for sure, and the fact I’m constantly scowling or exacerbated. As a hardcore teeth-grinder (my dentist wants to punch me), I tighten up my face when I sleep, which left me with “11s,” or the lines that look like parentheses between my eyebrows, when I woke up. Before bed, I’ve been patting on some BratoxInsta by over the one horizontal across my forehead and in between my brows, and I can actually feel it tighten my skin about a minute after I apply it. After a night of using it, I noticed the lines were fainter than before in the morning. After a few weeks, I very rarely wake up with them at all. I tried to wear it in the daytime but it rolled a little under my moisturizer so I’ve opted to only using it at night. So far, I’m loving it as an alternative to retinoids.

Açai Triple Stem Cell Complex – Sleep Mask

Using Açai Triple Stem Cell Complex in my PM skin care as the final step. It’s been working nice but it really surprised me after a night of singing. Cigarette smoke in bar air, my own vocal stress, a little alcohol in my bloodstream and a huge lack of sleep make for a very puffy Gia the next day. I didn’t have the problem after using Açai Triple Stem Cell Complex, especially when, on three hours of sleep, I had to be up at 7 a.m. for the Hey, Beautiful booth at Better Living Showcase. Chondrus crispus, a type of seaweed extract that’s hydrating and nutrient dense, a three-antioxidant blend, a peptide complex and mineral magnesium aluminum silicate which tightens and smooths skin, make up the serum’s team of plant-based active ingredients. Thanks to Açai Triple Stem Cell Complex’s hard work overnight, all I had to do was swipe my jade roller over my face and undereyes for a minute and I looked like I got a full eight hours before arriving at our booth. My overall face texture feels smoother and firmer, like that Instagram baddie no-makeup dewy look. It’s definitely due to the ingredients: derived actives from acai palm, Chinese basil, and white oak, packed with antioxidants, which are great for our skin since they combat environmental stressors.

Antioxidants seem to be a huge factor in BRZLNSKIN’s products. And there’s a good reason why. We’ve talked about how the pollution in the air, the sun’s rays, even certain metabolic happenings in your body — all of these things can dull skin or manifest as wrinkles, dark spots or worse. Something new I discovered is the damage caused by blue light, like those from computers, flat screen TVs, fluorescent light bulbs, and smartphones, promote the same kinds of stress on your skin. The fact that we keep blue light so close to our faces so many times a day doesn’t help. Choosing skin care products loaded with antioxidants (and never skipping sunscreen) is a great way to combat this.

Healthy skin on the inside looks just as good on the outside. And feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model never hurt anyone.