No other issue has illustrated Donald Trump’s contempt for the rule of law and for the constitutional separation of powers than immigration at the Mexican border. His frustration with not being able to simply snap his fingers and get his way on this issue has resulted in children illegally being separated from their parents, a month-long government shutdown over border-wall funding, and a constitutionally questionable emergency declaration to fund a section of “his wall” without the consent of congress. His most recent hissy-fit calls for a hair-brained, inhumane, and probably illegal plan to deposit thousands of apprehended immigrants and asylum-seekers in so-called “sanctuary cities,” an expensive undertaking that treats human beings like political pawns in an effort to punish (in his mind, anyway) his political opponents.

Whether this is just another example of Trump blowing off steam remains to be seen; the White House itself has been forced to double-backtrack on the sanctuary city idea. It does, however, demonstrate Trump’s willingness to drive a wedge between Americans on almost any issue.