As a rule, I avoid devoting time and energy to drawing cartoons about folks like local business owner, Trump enthusiast and convicted felon Bob Bolus. He’s a well-known blowhard with a knack for self-promotion, frequently relying on outrageous political statements and theater. He wields no political muscle, but longs to be in the center of the fray. Oscar Wilde summed up Bolus concisely with his observation that “the one thing in life worse than being talked about … is not being talked about.”

But Bolus’ recent homophobic performances in front of the Scranton City Council deserve comment and condemnation. Like a lot of Trump supporters, Bolus evidently thinks that his guy’s occupancy of the Oval Office has legitimized ignorant, fearful and hateful viewpoints such as his. I hope that he’ll discover it hasn’t, but won’t hold my breath.