The White House is digging in its heels on multiple fronts as congress ramps up various investigations into its conduct. One area of particular interest for congress is the push by Trump and Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross to include a “citizenship question” on the 2020 Census form, one that critics say would result in a significant undercount of Latino residents who feel intimidated by this administration’s strident anti-immigrant policies. As evidence, they point to the recently discovered files and emails of the late Thomas Hofeller — a NC political analyst often referred to as “the Michelangelo of the gerrymander”  — that strongly suggest that Ross’ team used Hofeller’s data to craft the citizenship question and thus skew the census results, making it easier to create heavily gerrymandered, majority-white, pro-GOP districts.

It’s worth noting that the White House has denied under oath that Hofeller played any role at all in crafting the citizenship question, and that the final word on this currently is being deliberated on by the U.S. Supreme Court — which as it happens now includes two Trump appointees. It is therefore in the White House’s interest to delay the release of any possible communications between it and Hofeller.