Since the FBI raided his home and City Hall in January, Bill Courtright has been a Dead Mayor Walking, not running much of anything other than a losing race with reality.

Courtright resigned Monday and this morning pleaded guilty to three felony counts of criminal conspiracy, bribery and extortion. Read our up-to-the-minute coverage here.and check back for updates throughout the day.

Federal prosecutors will hold a press conference in Scranton at 2 p.m. I’ll be there reporting for my Wednesday column, which I hope will be about the U.S. Attorney‘s exemplary transparency in explaining not just what happened, but who besides Courtright was involved.

In its criminal information made public Monday, the government accused Courtright of directing unnamed city representatives to do his dirty work and collect the dirty money he kept in a safe in his house on West Mountain. If the Feds are serious about changing the game, these players must be dragged into the sun.

All the Karate Instructor’s Men (and Women) must be named. The public has a right to know who did what and when.

See you Wednesday..