David just made my day. I’ve never met him, but his email in response to this daily diary is enough for me to call him a far-flung friend. David and his wife Joanne moved to North Carolina 10 years ago but — like many transplants — they still subscribe to The Times-Tribune.

Also like many transplants, David and Joanne have family here. His parents live in Old Forge, which makes them neighbors I’ve never met. Some of her siblings moved away, but she still has a brother and sister in the area.

“So our Scranton roots are deep and they are strong,” David writes. “I subscribe to the Times-Tribune online to not only support local print media, but also to keep in touch with what is going on back home. While we are in North Carolina the reality of the ‘new normal’ because of the Coronavirus is no different than what you are all dealing with. Social distancing, self-isolation, people worried about both their health and their livelihoods know no state boundaries or even national boundaries. So just a quick hello to let you know we are all in this together and our thoughts are with all of you because Scranton will forever be our Hometown.”

I thanked David for being a subscriber, and for his timely reminder of how important it is to remember and respect your roots, I invited him to stop by the Times-Tribune newsroom the next time he’s in town. I just might be there by then.

Today’s Times-Tribune is a collection of postcards from closer to home. Get complete coronavirus crisis coverage here.  Staff Writer Jon O’Connell asks new graduates of the GCMC medical school about becoming doctors during a pandemic. Read it here. Staff Writer Frank Lesnefsky reports on citizens donating personal protective equipment for Scranton Police, Read it here.

On the brighter side of this gray Saturday, read Staff Writer Sarah Hofius Hall’s story about Vanessa White Fernandes, founder of the Hugging Army. She wrote messages on paper hearts and posted them near hospitals, a grocery store and downtown businesses closed by the coronavirus.

“I really want people to know we’re all connected, whether we’re physically in touch or not,” she said.

That’s what David did for me today with an email from North Carolina. Thank you to all subscribers near and far for supporting local journalism. We won’t let you down.

How are you spending this strange day? Email me at kellysworld@timesshamrock.com or ckelly@timesshamrock.com and I’ll share your stories in my daily diary. The Times-Tribune is still here, and so are you. We will get through whatever comes next together, one day at a time.

Hang in there, hunker down and wash your hands. Subscribe to The Times-Tribune here. You’ll be glad you did.