Since before taking office, President Trump has been promising a “tremendous,” “fantastic,” “amazing” healthcare plan to replace Obamacare, which he has been trying to kill since he was sworn in. 

Like most of his grandiose, insincere and ultimately empty promises, Trump has not delivered, even as his administration battles to rip away the health insurance of millions of Americans during a global infectious disease pandemic over his obsessive jealousy of the president who gave it to them. 

Trump has no plan. Never has. Never will. Two weeks ago, freefalling in the polls and flailing in a disastrous interview with Chris Wallace of Fox “News,” Trump said: 

“We’re signing a health-care plan within two weeks, a full and complete health-care plan.”

It’s been two weeks. Not only has Trump failed (I use the word advisedly, in that one must actually try in order to fail) to roll out his big healthcare plan, he has moved on to more pressing matters, like banning the TikTok app, which is primarily used by teenagers to make short dance videos and troll Trump and Cult 45. 

TikTokkers have used the platform to Hoover up tickets and volunteer for Trump events, adding empty seats and AWOL ground troops to already anemic turnouts. Trump can’t ground all these “meddling kids,” so he threatens to silence them by pulling the plug on their favorite app. 

Good luck with that, Boomer.  

Adults use the platform for mischief, too. Comedian Sarah Cooper’s savage TikTok mimicry of Trump launched her from relative unknown to international superstar. Cooper went viral simply aping Trump’s own words, in his voice. The genius of her act is to let her lumbering target do all the talking.

Talking is what Trump does best. Most of what comes out of his mouth is misleading, meaningless and meant to distract from news of his latest failure. On Thursday, the Commerce Department announced that the pandemic — and Trump’s white-flag approach to the continuing disaster — caused the worst economic contraction in American history. Trump responded by suggesting he might delay the November election, something he has no power to do.

Trump arguably does have the power to ban TikTok, which is a Chinese company and poses some legitimate risks to U.S. consumers who share their personal data with the app. Microsoft is in talks to buy the American TikTok operation and is kissing Trump’s ample rump to get his support for the deal.

My guess is the president — who has the attention span of a bratty gnat — has already moved on. If Trump had half the maturity, energy and empathy of an average teenager, nearly 160,000 Americans might not be dead from a virus he downplayed and still refuses to fight.

Trump should really get off antisocial media and get on the same page with whatever his campaign message is today. By my calendar, the president is running out of time to roll out his “tremendous,” “fantastic,” “amazing” alternative to Obamacare. The election is 91 days away and counting. 

TikTok.. TikTok… TikTok…