A 17-year-old “militiaman” from smalltown Illinois murdered two Americans and gravely wounded another on Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle Rittenhouse took two lives and threw his own life away in the name of “protecting property” from “evil thugs.” 

He was arrested Wednesday and charged with intentional homicide. Rittenhouse crossed state lines with an assault rifle and used it lethally. His trial, if there is one, will be a formality. Multiple videos reveal him as the shooter. He will be convicted. Instead of fulfilling his fantasies of a career in law enforcement, he will turn 21 in a prison cell. And 31, 41, 51…

Rittenhouse went to Kenosha in response to a call to arms posted by a Kenosha militia group. Black Lives Matter protestors were taking to the streets, enraged by yet another police shooting of an unarmed Black man captured on video. 

On Sunday, Kenosha police shot Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man seven times in the back. He survived, but remains in critical condition and likely will never walk again. The video plainly shows that the shooting was not justified, and the Justice Department is investigating. If there’s a way to whitewash this, Bill Barr will find it. In

As with any terrorist who murders Americans, journalists quickly mined Rittenhouse’s antisocial media accounts and found several posts in which he glorifies the “Thin Blue Line” and pledges diehard support for President Trump. Footage from a Jan. 30 Cult 45 rally in Des Moines, Iowa shows Rittenhouse sitting in the front row, cheering the “law and order” president.

Tonight, Trump is scheduled to wrap up the Republican National Convention with a speech on the South Lawn of the White House. He will no doubt double down on the fear-mongering and racist dog whistles that comprise his cynical, divisive and dishonest case for reelection. His message is simple and sinister: “I am the Thin White Line between Real Americans and the Black and brown hordes who want to invade the suburbs and cancel the Kyle Rittenhouses of America.”

Rittenhouse heard this message loud and clear and answered the call. On Tuesday night in Kenosha, the 17-year-old militiaman canceled two Americans and the rest of his wasted life.