The majority Democratic Lackawanna County Commissioners voted Wednesday to make casting a ballot in the Nov. 3 presidential election easier and safer during a global infectious disease pandemic. 

The minority Republican commissioner voted for Donald Trump. 

Commissioners Debi Domenick and Jerry Notarianni voted to place secure, monitored, convenient mail-in ballot drop boxes in six parts of the county. Officials expect some 55,000 mail-in ballots. Read Times-Tribune Staff Writer Jeff Horvath’s story here

The drop boxes will undoubtedly make the ballots easier to collect and count, which is why Commissioner Chris Chermak doesn’t trust them. Trump is trailing Scranton native Joe Biden in every major poll and lost Lackawanna County in 2016.  

The math is as basic as it is transparent: The more votes counted, the less likely Trump will win.  Of course, Chermak tried to introduce a variable to complicate the equation. 

“I’m just not comfortable when (the ballots) are out there throughout the county,” he said. “We have less control.”

Who is “we?” And who will have less control? Certainly not election officials and workers who will struggle to count all ballots on Election Night even if everything goes perfectly. Surely it’s obvious even to Chermak that secure, monitored and convenient drop boxes and the additional ballot scanner his Democratic colleagues voted to purchase will help ensure a fair, complete and accurate vote count. 

UPDATE: Chermak voted for the additional scanner in a unanimous vote. 

Rather than support the voting rights of all his constituents, Chermak chose to join the Trump Campaign’s Quixotic war on mail-in voting. In June, the campaign and the Republican National Committee filed a federal lawsuit to bar Pennsylvania counties from using drop boxes for mail-in ballots. The plaintiffs failed to present any evidence of fraud, and the federal judged stayed the suit and kicked it back to the state courts. 
While we await a ruling (or rulings), Domenick and Notarianni are taking necessary steps to protect the voting rights of all their constituents. Chermak is feeding a conspiracy theory concocted to protect Trump’s “divine” right to reelection. 
I’m just not comfortable with that. How about you?