Some regular readers were “disappointed” that my Sunday column made no mention of the Hunter Biden “scandal” unveiled by the New York Post via Vampire-for-Hire Rudy Giuliani and his fellow Russian asset Steve “Stubblebum” Bannon. 

Said readers must have missed the blog I wrote the day this Russian fairy tale was published. Read it here. In short, the Post story was quickly and easily debunked by actual journalists as a desperate “Hail Mary” by a campaign down about two touchdowns with the clock running out. Alleged Attorney General Bill Barr failed to deliver with his big investigation of the “BIGGEST POLITICAL CRIME IN HISTORY,” which left Team Trump without the “October Surprise” it counted on to catch up to Joe Biden in the fourth quarter. 

So they went with “HUNTER BIDEN’S SECRET EMAILS.” Sounds sexy, until you read far enough to know that the emails lack the metadata necessary to authenticate them and that they were provided by Giuliani and Bannon, two of the least trustworthy vertebrates ever to walk upright. 

For brevity’s sake, let’s set aside all the gaping holes in the story and consider two points that are easy to grasp: 

ONE: The New York Times reported Sunday that the reporter who wrote most of the story refused to put his byline on it because he doubted its accuracy, fairness and timing. The two reporters with bylines on the story are Gabrielle Fonrouge — who didn’t report the story and didn’t know her byline was on it until after it was published — and Emma-Jo Morris, a deputy politics editor who had no previous bylines in the Post and joined the paper in April after working as a producer for Sean Hannity at Fox “News.” Again, the two named sources are Giuliani and Bannon

If that’s not enough to cast doubt on the story, let’s move on to a point hiding in plain sight. 

TWO: Rupert Murdoch owns Fox “News,” the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. One is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, one is a tabloid scandal sheet and one is among the most trusted news sources on the planet. If the “HUNTER BIDEN SECRET EMAILS” story was a blockbuster backed by damning evidence against the Democrat running for president, why would Murdoch not break it in one of the three most trusted newspapers on earth — a newspaper even liberals take seriously? 

Because it’s garbage, and although Murdoch bought the WSJ, its news pages are staffed and edited by real journalists who would never publish such garbage in their great newspaper. No self-respecting publication would. 

So here’s my final word (for now) on the Post’s Hunter Biden “expose.” It’s crapola, a Russian fairy tale pushed by a pair of Russian assets posing as American patriots. Even the “reporters” who produced it don’t want their names associated with it and Murdoch chose to publish it in a tabloid scandal sheet rather than one of the world’s most respected sources of news and information.  

Also, Hunter Biden is not running for president, and Team Trump is running out of time.