Tonight’s final presidential “debate” pits an imploding incumbent against his worst enemy. Former Vice President Joe Biden will be there, too, but as a decent, affable, experienced third wheel

The contest is really President Trump vs. “The Donald.”

They are one and the same, of course, a bumbling, buffoonish president and a boastful, phony billionaire who uses bankruptcy as his chief business model. To make up any of the ground he forfeited to Biden with his unhinged performance at the first debate, Trump must control his inner toddler and play an adult with a modicum of respect for the office and the American people.

Good luck with that. 

This has been a rotten week for Team Trump, and the worst of it is yet to come. The New York Post/Pravda Hunter Biden “October Surprise” failed to inflame anyone outside Cult 45, his interview with Lesley Stahl, the grande dame of “60 Minutes,” was a disaster that doesn’t air until Sunday and he’s going into this debate knowing his mic will be cut when (not if) he goes off the rails. 

All Biden needs to do is keep his cool and stick to pitching his policies. Good, bad or in between, Biden has published plans to address the many crises that plague the nation. Trump has no plans. Not for COVID, not for healthcare, not for the economy, racial unrest, climate change…

If (when) Trump raises the Hunter “scandal,” all Biden has to do is ask Trump about his secret Chinese bank account and how Ivanka got a boatload of China patents after Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

All Trump has is Trump. Cult 45 is still in thrall to his Potemkin populism, but he needs to convert throngs of Americans who are bone-tired of his daily debasement of the presidency and the nation he swore an oath to serve. 

Tonight’s debate is Trump vs. Trump, with a side of Biden.

May the worst Trump win.