I’m no high-paid political strategist, but it seems self-defeating to expose your most loyal voters to an airborne infectious disease and leave them out in the cold.

Dead people don’t vote. Not in large numbers, anyway. 

As COVID-19 infection rates skyrocketed, President Trump and his Old COVID Medicine Show touched down in Omaha, Nebraska, Tuesday. About 6,000 diehard Cult 45 acolytes turned out for the superspreader event as coronavirus numbers soared across the Cornhusker State. The Trump campaign said all attendees had their temperatures taken and were given masks, but news footage showed few wore them and none practiced social distancing. 

The temperatures at the outdoor event were below freezing, which became a numbing problem for the crowd after the president soared into the icy night on Air Force One around 9 p.m. Read the Washington Post story here

By 10:30, rallygoers were still waiting for buses to shuttle them back to their cars in a parking lot about 3 miles from the venue. There weren’t enough buses and at least seven people were taken to the hospital with hypothermia and other exposure-related conditions. The last load of frozen Trumpers pulled out around 12:30 a.m. They went to a Cult 45 superspreader rally and wound up shivering through a flesh-and-blood metaphor for the entire Trump presidency. 

Again, I’m no political strategist, but jeopardizing the lives of your core voters seems counterintuitive. With the election just six days away, maybe Team Trump is counting on the long incubation period (14 days) before COVID symptoms materialize. As long as his base votes for him on Nov. 3, they can drop dead the day after for all Trump cares.  

Trump loves crowds, but he couldn’t care less about the people in them. That’s the cold, hard truth.