Where are all the anti-“Fake News” crusaders when actual fake news is exposed by actual journalists?

Fox “News” photoshopped a man with a military-style rifle into a photo of a smashed storefront in Seattle and another that made it appear he was standing in front of the sign marking the entrance to “Free Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, an area of several city blocks police have essentially ceded to protesters.

There are good reasons to question the police reaction to a swath of the city being taken over by protesters, but so far, the protests have been peaceful and city officials are working on a peaceful resolution.

The last thing Fox “News” wants is a happy ending to the CHAZ story, which it has portrayed as a fiery, mob-fueled apocalypse coming soon to a city near you. To support that narrative, it altered images and presented them as honest documentation of the situation.

In addition to the photoshopped sentinel of CHAZ, Fox’s website ran a package of stories about the Seattle protests headlined “CRAZY TOWN” with a scary image of a city on fire. This photo was actually taken in St. Paul, Minnesota in late May. St. Paul is nearly 1,700 miles from Seattle, and as usual, the Fox “report” was at least that far from the truth.

The Seattle Times — a great American newspaper founded in 1891 — called Fox out on its flagrant fabrications. The network’s response was as dishonest as the fake images it presented as honest news. Read the story here, and support local newspapers, which remain democracy’s last, best defense against shameless fraudsters who undermine our institutions for fun and profit.

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FOR THE RECORD: Fox is not News. It’s a propaganda mill tasked with creating an alternate reality for its loyal viewers, some of whom read my column and blogs and assail me as a purveyor of “fake news” with no specific examples.

Here we have a specific example of an alleged news organization deliberately manipulating photographs to manipulate its audience into buying a false narrative. To quote the lonely ghost of Bill O’Reilly, what say you?