We’re bugging out.

Those of us who can work remotely are vacating 149 Penn Ave. Those who can’t will be safer with fewer people in the cubicle farm. I will miss my work family and the newsroom I’ve been walking into for close to 25 years, but it’s time to clear out.

Being somewhere you don’t have to be at a time like this is irresponsible. It’s stupid. It’s selfish.

For the time being, my colleagues and I won’t be at work. All of us will be working. We have the planning, technology and purpose to keep producing the community newspaper you expect and deserve. We’re built for emergencies. This one is unlike any we’ve ever seen, but we are as ready as we can be.

We will continue to provide the hard news coverage of the crisis you need, but we also want you to know not all the news is bad. We are committed to bringing you at least one story of hope in each edition, a warm smile tucked between the cold morning headlines.

Today, it’s the story of Carbondale Public Library supplying free libraries at Spring and Garfield Streets in Carbondale, the Carbondale YMCA and Greenfield Twp., and delivering books, DVDs and audiobooks to senior citizens in city high-rises.

“If they can’t come to the library, we’ll bring the library to them,” said.Stephanie Spaid, adult programming director for the library. Read Staff Writer Kathleen Bolus’ story here.

How did you spend this strange day? Maybe in the office, or at home with the kids. Maybe you’re a service worker, first responder or medical professional. Maybe there’s an unsung hero or someone who’s really struggling in your neighborhood we should know about. Email me at kellysworld@timesshamrock.com or ckelly@timesshamrock.com and I’ll share your stories here.

We’re bugging out, but The Times-Tribune is still here. We will get through whatever comes next together, one day at a time. Hang in there, hunker down and wash your hands.

And wipe down the remote.