One of the most shocking elements of the Bill Courtright corruption scandal is how cheaply the ex-mayor and admitted felon could be bought.

As Times-Tribune Staff Writer Jim Lockwood reports today,Northeast Revenue Service, the firm contracted to collect delinquent city taxes and garbage fees, earned $1.7 million in commissions between 2017 and 2018. Federal prosecutors say Courtright extorted $13,000 from NRS in exchange for keeping the contract.

For every $1 NRS kicked back to Courtright, it got back $130, the kind of return on investment Wall Street speculators fantasize about. In all, prosecutors say Courtright pulled in more than $50,000 in illicit loot, which is a pittance compared to what it will end up costing him. Courtright faces a maximum of 35 years in prison and fines up to $750,000.

It’s unlikely he’ll do that much time, but if Courtright gets 10 years,it boils down to 1 day behind bars for every $5 he took. From that perspective, being a cheap date gets expensive.