Scranton City Council and Mayor Until January Wayne Evans are at a crossroads and running on fumes. What little credibility either has left in the tank depends on whether they move forward or keep idling until the last of it evaporates.

An investigation into the use of city-issued gas cards published in The Sunday Times exposed a loosely organized system built for waste and abuse. Staff Writers Joe Kohut and Jim Lockwood did what elected officials so far have refused to do — take a hard, unsparing look at yet another example of a distressed city bleeding cash it doesn’t have.

Read their stunning report here.

The city is said to be close to crawling out of the Act 47 roach motel, but as long as the bad practices and crony politics that put the city there persist, recovery will be just another word with zero practical meaning. So far, council and Evans have said the right things, but action — immediate, unambiguous and uncompromising action — must come soon.

Council is scheduled to meet tonight a 6 p.m. The mayor should show up and be prepared to share what he and council plan to do now that this latest outrage has been exposed to the people they were elected to serve.

“I know I inherited a mess,” Evans said in the Sunday story. “I didn’t know it would be that big of a mess.”

Thanks to Joe Kohut, Jim Lockwood and your local newspaper, you can read all about it.