Be afraid. Be very afraid. A caravan of brown people is creeping toward Trump America, bringing smallpox and Democratic votes in time for Tuesday’s midterm election.

Never mind that smallpox was eradicated from the planet decades ago and non-citizens can’t vote Democratic, or Republican. Facts are for losers.

President Trump and his minions in conservative media are working overtime to scare Americans into voting for Republicans who want to gut Social Security, Medicare and the vanishing Middle Class to pay for the massive tax cuts the GOP just gifted the 1 percent.

Pay no attention to the rich, old white men robbing you blind and repealing the 20th Century. Brown barbarians are coming to pick your lettuce, landscape your lawns and clean your hotel rooms.

Trump’s bunk about the invasion is laughably transparent but sure to fool true believers. Latest updates show that the so-called caravan consists of fewer than 3,000 people and will take at least more than a month to arrive anywhere near the U.S. border.

Trump, Fox “News” and other professional fear mongers claim the caravan is 14,000-strong and will arrive in time for the election. This is laughably false, just like Trump’s assertion he can rescind the 14th Amendment of the Constitution with the stroke of a pen. He can’t, but he’s counting on his cult of personality to buy it, just like the imaginary 10 percent Middle-Class tax cut he plans to push through a Congress that isn’t in session.

Halloween is a day for masquerade and flights of fancy. Election day is about unmasking frauds whose tricks far outnumber the treats they deliver. On Tuesday, act accordingly.