These are strange days in the newsroom. We are used to chasing natural disasters here, but floods, tornadoes and Bob Bolus are nothing compared to the covid-19 coronavirus.

The parade. The Friendly Sons. The Angry Daughters. The NBA, NCAA and PIAA. Organizations are canceling or postponing events we perceive as perennial. Each announcement ratchets up the anxiety over a virus you can have for two weeks before you know it.

Here in the Times-Tribune cubicle farm, we are doing our best not to put each other at risk as we do our best to bring you the news. Since contact with the public is an essential element of what we do, we are working through some obvious challenges. On a given day, I shake more hands than the average politician. I don’t kiss babies.

That’s gross. Ask a baby.

But I do enjoy meeting and talking with people. All of us do, or we wouldn’t be in this business. Shaking hands is out right now, and the elbow bump thing is more awkward than hugging Aunt Linda. If you see me out and about, please say hello. We can still be social at a distance.

These are strange days. We will get through them together. If you’re sick or in a high-risk group, stay home and call your doctor. Stay away from crowds and conspiracy theories on the internet. Listen to the experts, not amateurs on cable news or social media. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Keep calm and carry hand sanitizer. Oh, and read my column on Sunday. Thanks.

Find complete Times-Tribune coverage of the coronavirus outbreak, including a continuously updated list of closings and cancellations here. Stay safe.