Ken Bond never entered the building. His lawyer left it one client lighter.

Bond, who owes more than a quarter of a million dollars in delinquent city, school district and county taxes and fees, failed to appear at today’s hearing on PSN Realty‘s appeal of a demolition order for 1620-1622 Pine St., one of several problem properties owned by Bond’s real estate alter ego. The fire-damaged eyesore was condemned and slated for demolition in March 2017. Bond appealed the order and the process dragged out while neighbors waited for city officials to get serious about taking it down.

Scranton Housing Board of Appeals Solicitor Michael Genello asked Judge Margaret Bisignani-Moyle to dismiss Bond’s appeal and affirm the city’s demolition order. Bond’s attorney, Neil MacDonald, showed up for the hearing, but not to represent PSN Realty. Instead, MacDonald asked the judge to excuse him from the case. MacDonald said Bond is no longer a client.

MacDonald said he made Bond aware of the time and place of the hearing, but Bond told him he would not be there. The judge dismissed Bond’s appeal, but wanted to review the record before ruling on the demolition order. Citing procedural concerns, the judge said she would excuse MacDonald from the case and issue a decision on the order by the end of the day.

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