Got a call this morning from a taxpayer living in the shadow of the former Lincoln-Jackson Elementary School in West Scranton. He said Scranton School District maintenance workers arrived at the criminally neglected eyesore at 7 this morning.

The caller said the workers were mowing down the jungle of weeds swallowing the property and boarding up some of the broken windows that make the district’s costly decision to heat the pile of rocks in winter all the more infuriating.

In my Sunday column, I used the property as a perfect metaphor for the legacy of neglect and mismanagement that led to the financial ruin of the district. Read the column here for more on the property’s decline, and consider attending the school board‘s special meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Scranton High School.

The board will vote on the “recovery” plan, which calls for five years of tax increases and $55 million in new borrowing while failing to consider that the state Legislature shortchanges the district by at least $18.9 million annually.

I had coffee this morning with a local education attorney who believes the state shorts Scranton by millions more than that. He’ll be at the “Fight for Fair Funding” forum today at 6:30 p.m. at the Tripp Park Community Center, 2000 Dorothy St. I’ll be there, too. How about you?