Arsonists often return to the fire scene to admire their handiwork. Ken Bond is a regular at meetings of the Hill Neighborhood Association.

He was there Wednesday night, according to attendees who couldn’t believe Scranton’s most notorious slumlord and tax deadbeat had the brass to commune with citizens held hostage by his ramshackle empire of renegade apartment buildings.

Bond showed his sneering face in public on the same day my latest column about his unabated pillaging of the city appeared in The Times-Tribune. Read it here. The photo for this blog was sent to me by an attendee who said Bond did not speak at the meeting. A gaggle of Scranton School Board members were there to discuss “new beginnings” a few feet away from a scofflaw whose presence is the definition of “unfinished business.”

Board President Katie Gilmartin and Directors Sarah Cruz, Tara Yanni, Ro Hume and Gretchen Welby talked about “moving on from the past” when a neighbor suggested that the district might minimize tax hikes if officials put any effort into collecting millions in unpaid taxes. The speaker didn’t call out Bond by name, but as I reported Wednesday, he owes at least $213,490 in delinquent garbage fees and city, county and school district taxes under his real estate alter ego, PSN Realty Inc.

Meanwhile, Bond’s rundown, unregistered, illegal commercial properties blight otherwise beautiful neighborhoods filled with good people who play by the rules and pay their taxes. I’ve been sounding the alarm on Bond for nearly a year, and city, county and school district officials have done nothing to take away his matches.

Even when in the same room with him, they won’t stand up to Bond. That’s why he looks so comfortable in his chair at the fire scene.