Quick blog today. I’m burning up the boot leather chasing something big for the Sunday column, but I had to pause and point to two Times-Tribune stories every Lackawanna County taxpayer should read today.

First up is Staff Writer Borys Krawczeniuk‘s report on inside baseball and the county’s luxury suit at PNC Field. The story is a timely appetizer to the RailRiders‘ home opener tonight at 7:05. A longtime political consultant to Democratic county commissioners is in charge of distributing tickets to use the taxpayer-owned suite. Current and former commissioners defended the arrangement, including Pat O’Malley.

“I think it’s big and it’s good and anybody who tries to make it look bad is really bad,” O’Malley said.

Read the story here and judge for yourselves.

Then check out Staff Writer David Singleton‘s report on the “colorful” past (and present) of Gino Majewski, whom commissioners unanimously awarded the lease to operate the new Charl-Mont Restaurant in the Lackawanna County Government Center.

The 47-year-old Old Forge man faces drunken driving charges filed around the same time he was finishing a diversion program from another alcohol-related incident. Majewski’s preliminary hearing, scheduled for today at 11 a.m., was continued to May 9.

Read Dave’s story here and note this sentence in particular: Efforts to reach Commissioner Patrick O’Malley were unsuccessful

See you all on Sunday.