If none of the umpteen Democrats running for president is your clear favorite, the Washington Post has a nifty new tool for culling the herd.

The historic newspaper’s crack digital staff built an interactive survey that reveals the candidate best suited to represent your views and values. The quiz consists of 20 questions based on the candidate’s stated policy positions on issues ranging from gun control to abortion. Each question offers drop-downs with detailed information on the candidates’ positions.

Take the quiz here. It’s a fun, informative and harmless diversion on a federal holiday at the office. I took it twice and got the same results — Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden at 1 and 2, and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders at 8 and 9. Turns out I have more in common with Tulsi Gabbard than with those two, which I would not have known without the quiz.

I would vote for any of these candidates over Trump, but then I would vote for any random person in the street over Trump. Even Tulsi Gabbard’s hairstylist. Or her dog. Or her cat. Or…