In September, President Trump altered the path of Hurricane Dorian with a Sharpie. Yesterday, the White House tweeted a photo of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with snowflakes falling on the lawn. The caption: First snow of the year!

Never mind that it was 70 degrees in D.C. on Sunday, part of the unseasonably warm streak we enjoyed here in Our Stiff Neck of the Woods. In the blowback from his hurricane wrangling, Trump ordered government meteorologists to issue phony reports to back up his ridiculous lie. So far, Trump hasn’t ordered a report on the freak snow squalls that didn’t hit the capitol during a December heatwave, but who would be surprised if he tried such a snow job?

The photo was likely tweeted in error, but it inadvertently and ironically speaks to the “fluidity” of truth in the Age of Trump. Even the weather is a matter of debate. On issues large and small, Trump’s first impulse is to lie.

First, Trump claimed that his decision to assassinate Iranian Gen. Quassem Soleimani was necessary to thwart an “imminent threat.” When that lie was exposed, Trump doubled down, insisting that Soleimani was plotting terrorist attacks at “at least four” American embassies. The White House has presented zero evidence this is true, but Trump and his apologists at Fox “News” and on Corporate Hate Radio will make it so for the zombified members of Cult 45.

Even Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, admitted Sunday that he has seen no evidence to back Trump’s claim, but he “shares the president’s view” that the Iranians were “probably going to go after our embassies.”

So, there is no evidence that what Trump said is true, but he said it, so it must be true. Probably.

Today’s forecast for the Washington D.C. area is partly cloudy with a high of 57 degrees. With Trump in the White House, there’s still a chance of snow.