Lackawanna County has asked for 30-day extensions on my Right-to-Know Law requests for the costs of renovations at the county building, so I’m stuck reading the redacted Mueller Report.

What the 400-plus-page report says seems to depend on who’s reading it. has seven items related to the report including three calls to investigate and prosecute those associated with starting the probe, Trump using a “Game of Thrones” meme to taunt Democrats and a dubious round-up of tweets from “Hollywood liberals” like Chelsea Handler, Rob Reiner and, of course, Rosie O’Donnell.

Over at, the focus is on the panic the investigation caused in the White House, why Attorney General William Barr is a disgrace, how the report is a blueprint for Congress to bring charges and how ongoing court cases will undo much of Barr’s redacting.

Team Hannity is parroting the “full exoneration” line spun by Trump. Team Maddow is pushing the “worse than Watergate” theme its viewers demand. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. Even with heavy redaction, this report comes nowhere near exonerating Trump and his campaign. What it says is that the special prosecutor found evidence of obstruction of justice, but it was insufficient to bring charges. As with jury verdicts, “not guilty” and “innocent” are not synonymous.

If the report actually cleared Trump, there would be no need for the rebuttal Trump’s legal team is expected to release today. Also, some of the redaction will indeed be undone by ongoing cases. Stay tuned.

If the report actually damned Trump, Team Maddow would be a lot happier today. There is plenty of evidence that Trump and his campaign were thrilled with any help the Russians could offer, and that Trump tried to kill the investigation and have Mueller fired. There is no silver bullet that can bring down the president. “Mueller Time” lacks the kick MSNBC predicted.

Read the report here and decide for yourselves. Or just pretend you did and share your opinion on Facebook anyway.