If you read my Sunday column, you got a taste of how it feels to be a tenant swindled by Ken Bond. If you didn’t read my Sunday column, click here to catch up.

At the end of the column, I reported that right around the corner from 442-444 N. Irving Ave., the 8-unit shack city officials condemned last week, Bond is advertising an apartment for rent at 1416 Vine St.

The ad at Apartments.com reads: Large, beautiful 4-bedroom house in the Hill Section of Scranton. Near schools, Nay Aug Park, University of Scranton and downtown. Full basement and side yard. Professionally managed and family friendly neighborhood.

Rent is $1,200 a month, with a $1,500 security deposit and a 12-month lease. The place comes with a shady, unresponsive, predatory landlord whose concern for tenants is limited to how much money he can squeeze out of them. Call today!

Like all of Bond’s properties, 1416 Vine is not registered with the city and therefore illegal to rent to tenants. Also, Bond owes a combined $2,260 in delinquent garbage fees and city taxes on the property. By the end of business today, city officials should act to ensure Bond does not rent the property to people who don’t know he’s a ruthless profiteer who owes at least $276,701 in delinquent garbage fees and back taxes to the city, county and school district.

I don’t know what such an action would look like (condemnation? A court injunction? Police tape? A load of garbage dumped on the stoop?), but the city must do something. Bond won’t take city officials seriously until they get serious about holding him accountable.

Bond’s advertisement for 1416 Vine is a huge middle finger to city officials and taxpayers who play by the rules and pay their fair share. They deserve better. Get serious.