Round one of the Democrats‘ Parade of Prospective Runners-up ended in a tie between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and President Trump. Of the 10 Democrats on the stage, Warren was best-prepared and made the most of the few openings available to distinguish herself from the other kids crammed in the minivan.

I like Warren. She has a clear command of the issues, actual, quantifiable plans behind her priorities and an infectious earnestness that resonates with working class Americans who take the time to listen to what she has to say. As a candidate, she is everything Hillary Clinton was not — robust, relatable and real.

Whether Warren could beat Trump is an open question, but if he ever finds himself on a debate stage with “Pocahontas,” he’ll need more than juvenile nicknames to keep her at bay. Warren is dangerous. Even Trump gets that.

The rest of Wednesday night’s parade, not so much. None struck me as presidential, and some seem to think paternalistic pandering and virtue-signaling will be enough to unseat Trump. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio came off way too Bill de Blasio.  Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Sen. Cory Booker and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke demonstrated fluency in Spanish, which can be celebrated as inclusive but also criticized as counterintuitive.

MEMO TO THE DNC : Preaching to the choir is no way to win. Trump reigns by stoking the fears of whites who feel increasingly marginalized by minorities. He has them convinced foreign “invaders” are engaged in a hostile takeover of the country, with Democrats leading the charge.

Beating Trump will require peeling away some of his voters. The Spanish-speaking pander sends a message Trump will gladly amplify on his way to a second term. .