President Trump is a liar. Even his most ardent supporters know this in their bones. They just don’t care.

Trump lies just about every time he opens his mouth. Whatever position he takes in a given moment is subject to reversal moments later. On Friday, Trump didn’t care whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress. On Sunday, the president demanded that Mueller be barred from appearing before the House Judiciary Committee

Bill Barr is a liar. The Attorney General of the United States misrepresented the findings of the Mueller Report and was (at the least) misleading in testimony to Congress. Barr blew off a Monday morning deadline to hand the full, unredacted Mueller Report over to Congress — a supposedly co-equal branch of government.

Why are Trump and Barr stonewalling release of the full report and the testimony of a man whose findings resulted in “complete and total exoneration?”

Because they know the full report contains ugly truths. And they know Robert Mueller us an honest man.

An innocent man who claims “complete and total exoneration” has no reason to fear the testimony of an honest man.
A liar has every reason to stifle an honest man. Mueller must be heard.