“He wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love.” — President Trump mooning about his latest man-crush, North Korean dictator and “wonderful person” Kim Jong Un.

“GROANS AND SPINNING” — Almost 40,000 Americans killed in combat in the Korean War.

While his heart (and presidency) will always belong to Putin, Trump goes weak in the knees whenever Kim waddles into a room. Maybe it’s the haircut. Or the shark-toothed grin. Or the jailing and murder of dissidents, journalists and anyone the “Dear Leader” feels like killing on a given day.

Trump will do whatever it takes to win the frigid black acorn that is Kim’s heart — even become the first sitting President of the United States to set foot on Communist North Korean soil. Trumped lumbered 20 paces inside the brutal prison state and gave Kim priceless propaganda footage and the promise of longer, more intimate strolls to come.

Kim has warmed considerably to Trump since calling the president a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard,” but he’s still playing hard to get and determined to be a nuclear power. In return for fawning over Kim on the world stage, Trump got nothing of value to the nation he was elected to serve or the allies he continues to belittle as he lavishes love on tyrants.

Trump got his own propaganda footage out of the sordid affair, some of which we may see Thursday when he hijacks the historically nonpartisan national Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C. The 243rd anniversary of American independence will take a back seat to Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

Along with a long-winded, divisive speech detailing his unrivaled greatness, Trump wants U.S. tanks and other military vehicles on prominent display. It’s exactly the kind of parade dictators live for, the kind Kim will gush over in a “beautiful letter” to his Yankee Doodle Dotard.