Kenny Zupp of Harrison Ave and Steven Smith of Wheeler Ave both went under the clippers and to get the best “free” haircut in town on July 20, 1955. The haircut was the Davy Crockett – a short haircut with the back cut to resemble the tail of a coonskin cap. The cap was made popular by actor Fess Parker who portrayed the “King of the Wild Frontier” in several Walt Disney films.

The boys got this hairdo to help promote Frontier Night that was taking place in the Petersburg section of Scranton on July 21, 1955.

Here is the article about the “Crockett” and Frontier Night –

Images of Zupp and his friend Steven Smith –

Steven Smith, of Wheeler Ave., received the Davy Crockett cut by barber Charles Mayer on July 20, 1955. Kenneth Zupp, standing facing the camera, also received this stylish haircut meant to resemble Crockett’s coonskin cap. Times-Tribune Archives


Steven Smith, back to camera, and Kenneth Zupp, facing the camera, are sporting the “Best Haircut In Town” – The Davy Crockett – on July 20, 1955. The boys received the free haircuts to help promote Frontier Night in the Petersburg Section of Scranton. Times-Tribune Archives

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Davy Crockett birth place

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