This marks my final post at Take 2. I am leaving the Standard-Speaker and Times-Shamrock for a new adventure. Five years ago, Rebecca Kivak and I started this blog as an extension of our print column of movie reviews, lists and Academy Awards coverage, and it became an outlet where I can share my love for cinema. I had the chance to share how much I enjoy drive-in movies, my need to chronicle every week of awards season, and how personal movies can be.

Most of all, I have enjoyed discussing films and actors with the readers. I loved running into people at the cinema or on social media to share my recommendations and find out about films I hadn’t considered. Rebecca has been a great writing partner and friend, and I wish her luck in continuing this space. Joe Baress of the Times-Tribune will take over my duties as he has been a good part of the blog, joining us for our Oscar forecasts and summer and fall movie previews.  

Final scene from “Lost in Translation”

Below are my favorite posts and reviews over the years:

I end this post with something I recently saw on the social media platform Letterbox. As I have previously profiled, Letterbox runs a Letterboxd Showdown that includes lists following a chosen theme. The most recent theme is best film ending. Here are some of my favorite farewells on film that are available on YouTube.

Thank you for letting me share my cinematic world with all of you.