Longtime Republican National Committeeman Bob Asher has decided to pull out of the contentious fight over his seat. Here’s his email and a June 12 Philadelphia Inquirer story that explains what was going on:

Robert Asher Date: 6/22/20 3:29 PM (GMT-05:00)


Dear Members of State Committee:

Over the last several months you have been contacted by many Republicans concerning the Pennsylvania National Committeeman position. There have been numerous letters, phone calls and now even press articles about this race. This infighting must end immediately.

November 3, is a critical day for our party, our Commonwealth and our Nation. None of us can afford to be distracted by an internal race for a party position; this is not something I have just realized but something I have recognized: this has become a destructive process.

It is important to set the record straight. Over the past few months overtures have been made to broker a peace. In the letter sent to members of Republican State Committee on May 27 it was stated that I agreed to a deal by forcing a top down decision in which I would be elected for a bifurcated term and my successor would be elected at the same time.

I would never agree to appoint, name or endorse my successor to the National Committee. The strength of the Pennsylvania Republican Party has always been that it starts with voters, local committee people, local organization followed by the state committee, state party and the national party. We cannot be successful if we are not truly a bottom up organization.

In the latest announcement it was stated I agreed to allow Andy Reilly to be elected at the July 10, 2020 meeting and he would name me his proxy through February 2021. This is something I would not agree to as this would create too much confusion and too many questions about the process.

Despite overwhelming support from all parts of Pennsylvania I have decided for the sake of party unity and the reelection of Donald Trump as President that I am no longer seeking the position of National Committeeman from Pennsylvania.

I want to assure you this does not change anything I am doing on behalf of the Republican Party. I will continue as the Co-Finance Chair of Pennsylvania for President Trump, Chairing the Pennsylvania Future Fund and raising money for local, state and Federal candidates.

For the past 60-plus years I have dedicated myself to building and growing the Republican Party at all levels and that will not change.

By not seeking another term I will focus 100% of my time on raising money and working with all who want to work with me to build a united effort for 2020 and beyond. Now more than ever we must be focused on working together.

As I am often reminded by one of my Republican heroes Ronald Reagan, “By working together, pooling our resources and building on our strengths, we can accomplish great things.” I am here to serve, I am a soldier and I am unwavering in my commitment to the Grand Old Party.

May God bless you and your family. My sincere thanks for all you do to support the Pennsylvania Republican Party.



Robert B. Asher Republican National Committeeman for Pennsylvania