The rumor mill turned out wrong — again.

Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright

Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright

For the last three weeks, I and other reporters at The Times-Tribune got lots of calls saying that the feds planned to arrest Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright this week, just days after his daughter’s wedding.

Didn’t happen.

Editors and reporters talked today to U.S. Attorney David Freed, who came by to say what he’s been up to since taking the oath of office in November 2017.

Freed wouldn’t talk about the FBI investigation, which came to light when agents raided City Hall and the mayor’s home Jan. 9. The U.S. attorney said the timing of his visit to the newspaper was completely coincidental.

We had a story last week in which the mayor denied he planned to plead guilty right after the wedding.

Maybe the rumor mill should tone it down for while.