It looks like another local native has emerged as a potential candidate to replace Val DiGiorgio as chairman of the state Republican Party.

Elizabeth Preate Havey

Elizabeth Preate Havey

Politico reports Elizabeth “Liz” Preate Havey, the chairwoman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, as a possibility to replace DiGiorgio, who resigned amid a #MeToo scandal that the Philadelphia Inquirer broke Tuesday.

She’s former state Attorney General Ernie Preate’s daughter and grew up in the Abingtons. Montco Republicans picked her to lead their party in May 2018.

“Liz offers a fresh face. She’s a mom and she know how to organize the grass-roots level,” Ernie Preate said. “She’s a soccer mom. Her kids play soccer and lacrosse … You want a fresh face with a proven record? That’s Liz.”

President Donald Trump will probably have some say in the matter and Preate Havey has some connections to the president already. Her sister, Alexandra, is tight with Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s senior advisers, and Larry Kudlow, the president’s economic adviser. Of course, Trump is also close to former U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, also a potential candidate to replace DiGiorgio.

Politico’s story quotes another former congressman who says Barletta will get the job if he wants it.

DiGiorgio beat former state party counsel Lawrence Tabas to win the job by a 173-171 margin in February 2017, a vote that seriously divided the party.

A lot of Tabas followers think he’s the natural successor, but he hasn’t said he wants the job yet. He’s a Philly guy and a great election lawyer. He actually defended former Lackawanna County commissioner Bob Cordaro in 2007 when Democrats tried to knock him off the November election ballot.

Tabas won and Cordaro stayed on the ballot.