Since I last checked, Luzerne and Monroe counties have updated their vote totals in the 8th Congressional District race.

As of about 10 minutes ago, the Republican votals were:

—Jim Bognet, 16,167

—Teddy Daniels, 13,410

—Earl Granville, 13,120

—Mike Marsicano, 7,352

—Harry Haas, 5,327

—Mike Cammisa, 1,359

They totaled 56,735 votes. U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, the Moosic Democrat who ran unopposed for his party’s nomination, received 74,667 votes.

Bognet, the winner, has a 2,757-vote lead over Daniels, who leads Granville by 290 votes.

The totals should be close to the final tallies, which won’t be known until after official counts wrap up later this week.