Academy Award-winning actor/movie and television star Jane Fonda slipped into Scranton virtually unnoticed last Wednesday to help a union group listen.

Fonda, 81, joined Working America, an AFL-CIO project, in going door-to-door to listen to voters’ concerns, said Krissi Jimroglou, a spokeswoman for the group. Fonda sits on the board of the Working America Education Fund.

Fonda posted a picture of herself with local canvassers on her Facebook, but not until Sunday evening.

I’m trying to reach her.

The group says it has talked to almost 1,000 people, aiming for “deep, long conversations” with its members and others about the economy, tariffs and other issues.

The group will distill what its canvassers gathered into data used to target voters.

Working America is going door to door in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties, including Hazleton, Jimroglu said.

Democrats took huge hits in both in 2016 with President Donald Trump winning Luzerne County by almost 20 percentage points and only narrowly losing Lackawanna County.

Two weeks ago, Fonda did the same thing in Modesto, California.