Not a lot of action on the May 21 primary election ballot in Lackawanna County.

Only two countywide contests, county commissioner and controller.

Only 11 towns have contested elections.

Only 6 school boards have contested races with three — Mid Valley, Lackawanna Trail and North Pocono — with only one region contested.

Here are the contests.


—Commissioner, Republican and Democratic, 4 Democrats, 3 Republicans for two nominations each

—Controller, Democratic, 2 candidates, 1 nomination


ARCHBALD: Council, Democratic, 7 candidates, 4 nominations

CLARKS GREEN: Mayor, Democratic, 2 candidates, 1 nomination

DICKSON CITY: Council, Democratic, 6 candidates, 4 nominations

DUNMORE: Council, Democratic, 5 candidates, 4 nominations

FELL TWP.: Supervisor, Democratic, 2 candidates, 1 nomination

JESSUP: Council, Democratic, 7 candidates, 3 nominations

OLD FORGE: Council (2-year), Democratic, 2 candidates, 1 nomination (both are also candidates for 4 4-year Democratic council nominations, which are uncontested)

OLYPHANT: Council, Democratic, 7 candidates, four nominations

SCOTT TWP.: Supervisor, Democratic & Republican, 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans for 1 nomination each

SCRANTON: Council, Democratic, 4 candidates, 2 nominations

SPRINGBROOK TWP.: Supervisor, Republican, 3 candidates, 2 nominations


DUNMORE: Democratic, 7 candidates, 5 nominations, 5 of the Democrats also seek Republican nominations, which are uncontested

LACKAWANNA TRAIL: Region 1 (Clinton/Nicholson Twp./Nicholson Boro), Democratic & Republican, 3 Democrats, 3 Republicans for 2 nominations each, candidates same on each side

NORTH POCONO: Region 3 (Clifton/Covington/Madison/Lehigh (Wayne)), Democratic & Republican, 6 Democrats, 6 Republicans for 3 nominations each, all six candidates the same on each side

OLD FORGE: Democratic & Republican, 10 Democrats, 10 Republicans for 5 nominations, all 10 the same on each side.

SCRANTON: 4-year, Democratic, 7 candidates, five nominations, 3 of the Democrats also seek Republican nominations, which are uncontested

2-year, Democratic, 2 candidates, 1 nomination, with 1 of the Democratic candidates also on the Republican ballot. Both candidates also seek 4-year nominations in both parties.

The other incumbent county row officers have no opposition because no other Democrats and no Republicans filed nominating petitions.

They are:

Clerk of Judicial Records: Mauri Kelly (D)

Treasurer: Edward Karpovich (D)

Coroner: Tim Rowland (D)