The first day after the first day of spring seems like a good time to check in with Lackawanna County Democratic Party Chairman Chris Patrick on the state of the party’s 2020 presidential race.

Don’t ask why it seems that way. Maybe because freshness permeates the air.

Anyway, Patrick is probably like a lot of other people around here.

If Scranton native and former Vice President Joe Biden gets in, that’s his guy, Patrick said.

If Biden is in, I’m in,” he said.

He has Biden’s running mate all picked out: former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, who lost narrowly for U.S. Senate last year to Sen. Ted Cruz.

He did well against Cruz in that big-time Republican state,” Patrick said. “He seems to be able to relate to the middle-class kind of people. I only see what see on television, but I see a lot of young people, middle-aged people and seniors (at O’Rourke’s stops). He’s energizing them.”