Holy Cross pitcher Jenna Bradley had a sensational week, retiring 39 of 41 hitters she faced, striking out 31 and pitching a no-hitter against Lakeland and a 1-hitter against Carbondale. She also ripped a pair of homers, a triple, double and single and drove in nine in the two wins.
Was there a “wow” moment when you realized you were really onto something this year? I just do it to have fun. I went through a stretch where I was kind of in my own head this last summer. I went through a period when I put a lot of pressure on myself. That’s when I flipped the switch that it’s just a game, and it’s a game I love playing. I play with that attitude, rather than trying to be perfect all the time.
Talk about your slightly competitive nature. I’m probably the most competitive person I know and I love that about myself, and I’m okay to own up to it because I go out and I just want to go out and play hard for at least 21 outs. At least that’s what coach (Joe) Ross says. That was a big thing for me.
How hard are you throwing now? I’m throwing 64, 65 mph on a good day. This last winter I was still working with NEPA Fit Club, and we hit this thing with my leg drive, which has given me three or four mph on my fastball. Working with Mike there and putting it into my pitch, I have a lot more control.
One person you don’t face in league or districts that you would like to pitch against? From states last year, I want to pitch against the girl from Wyalusing Valley who hit the ball (for the 2-1 win in the playoffs). I won’t give up the same pitch this year.
One player from another team you would like to have as a teammate? Mid Valley’s Lacy Harrington. She is such a great person. She works hard all the time. End of the day, even when she has a bad day, she’s a good teammate. She always puts everyone else before herself, which is kind of how I am, too. If I ever got to play with Lacy again, that would be awesome.
Toughest hitter you’ve faced in high school. West Scranton’s Kamden Miller. She hits anything you throw at her, so it’s always a challenge with her.  
You originally committed to play at Hofstra, but their coach left for Missouri. It kind of hit me hard because I was so invested in Hofstra. It lit a spark in me that I was going to play at this level. My scholarship was still offered, but I either connect or I really don’t, and I didn’t. He’s a great coach and does great things, but it didn’t click with me.
So Massachusetts coach Kristi Stefanoni saw you warming up at an event in Florida. What happened to get you to commit there? She came and watched me play again. She said she fell in love with the passion I had for the game, and when I talked to her, I never met someone who loved the game as much as she does. That’s something I respect a lot more than what your record is or who you put out. And they’re the number-one school in the country for my major, sports management. 
Where is the coolest place softball has ever taken you? Huntington Beach, California. Or Las Vegas. Las Vegas was a lot of fun. Huntington Beach is a lot more competitive so the tournament is the best of the best teams. And it’s beautiful there. And the beach. And the food is good there, too.
Who’s one teammate guaranteed to make you laugh? Liv Zehel. Even on the mound when I probably shouldn’t be laughing, she’s cracking jokes.
Is there an athlete you admire? Former Oregon pitcher Maggie Balint. She’s definitely my biggest role model.
And her mom is your pitching coach? Once I click with someone I click. She’s helped a lot with my development. She pushes me just as hard as she pushes Maggie, and sometimes I don’t like it but she’s taken me to a whole other level.
Any sports teams you follow? Red Sox and the Patriots. I actually cried when Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) retired. Tears in my eyes. I’m the biggest Pats fan. It’s an obsession.
Superstitions or rituals on game day? I wear my visor every game, no matter what.
Three people you’d like to have dinner with. Jess Mendoza, George Strait and Rachel Garcia.
Most famous athlete you’ve ever met? Jennie Finch and Kat Osterman.