To call the slate of candidates in today’s primary election uninspiring is to take understatement to subterranean depths. Not a lot to vote for, but I did my civic duty this morning. You should, too.

Why? Because there is plenty to vote against, and anyone who truly seeks change can find no more immediate route than casting a ballot. If you aren’t familiar with the issues that have plagued this region and its people for generations, please stay home. You are too unaware to leave the house, let alone fill in tiny ovals.

But if you’ve been paying attention, even minimally, you have a responsibility to exercise your right to vote. Although it’s hard to find much to like on today’s ballot, it has never been easier to cast one. So grab a clothespin or stuff your nostrils with Kleenex and get to the polls. If you still feel your vote doesn’t matter, remember that most politicians — particularly incumbents — count on you counting yourself out.

Spite is a powerful motivator. I couldn’t get out of bed without it.