More than a few white supremacist organizations and individuals have made it known that Donald Trump is their guy. They like his half-witted calls for banning Muslims from entering the U.S., kicking out all the disease-carrying Mexican rapists and his git-tough approach with protesters. Whether Trump revels in their support or not is sort of hard to tell; at one moment he distances himself from the endorsement of scumbags like former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, and the next he hems and haws and says he needs more time to think ’cause, y’know, “David Who?

I suspect Trump’s reticence in condemning these clowns is at least partly due to internal polling that shows most of his supporters –whether hooded or not — agree with at least some of what guys like Duke are peddling: that white America is under attack from dark and godless forces outside the nation’s borders.

Trump’s unwillingness to put a stop to this strongly suggests that he’s simply a coward, and, in fact, the biggest clown of the bunch.