In the Sunday Times we have a story about how Viola Liuzzo, mother, student and civil rights worker, is being honored with a posthumous honorary degree by Wayne State University on April 10. She was student at the university when she got involved in civil rights movement.

On March 25, 1965 while driving marchers between Selma and Montgomery,  Mrs. Liuzzo was shot and killed by a Klu Klux Klan member.   Mrs. Liuzzo husband, Anthony, was a native of Carbondale.

To accompany the article in print, I pulled together pages from the Scranton Times dealing with the tragic death of Mrs. Liuzzo. 

 March 26, 1965 Page 1

 March 26 A1

March 26, 1965 page 12

March 26 A12


March 27, 1965 Page 1

 March 27 A1


March 27, 1965 page 4

March 27 A4

March 29, 1965  Page 6

March 29 Editorial

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Back on February 1, local history columnist Erin Nissley wrote about her death as part of our look at the civil rights movement.  The following Sunday, Ms. Nissley continue our look at the civil rights movement with on article on two local men who had roles in the movement.

Viola Liuzzo – FBI Records

Viola Liuzzo – Reuther Library, Wayne State University

Viola Liuzzo Collection, Levi Watkins Learning Center Digital Library, Alabama State University

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