Here is plenty more from the Lackawanna Trail senior, who won the 170-pound championship at the Class 2A Northeast Regional tournament. Everything from how he prepares for a match, to who would win in a match between Owen and his twin sister, to what his plans are for after high school, to his skills on “Fortnite.”

Other sports you play: Football

Athletes you admire: Conor McGregor, I’ve always liked JJ Watt and I like Cael Sanderson. I like JJ Watt’s mental toughness. He’s just an all-around freak. I like Conor McGregor’s confidence. He’s confident with every single thing he does. And Cael Sanderson — it’s a wrestling thing.

Favorite teams: Football, I’m a Dolphins fan, Miami Dolphins, sadly. And wrestling, I like Penn State’s wrestling team.

How’d you become a Dolphins fan? Runs in the family.

So, it’s your dad’s fault? Yeah, exactly. My dad’s fault.

Favorite food: I have to go with steak and peas.

Is that allowed during wrestling season? Yeah, it is.

Is there a non-wrestling season favorite food? I’d have to go with chicken alfredo pasta. Too much carbs (for wrestling season).
What is the wrestling season diet for you? It’s strictly red meat and greens and that’s pretty much it. I don’t mind it. I do enjoy it, because you have something to look forward to once the season’s over.

What’s the first meal after the last bout next week? Probably a Tastykake.

Favorite movie: Smokey and the Bandit.

Three people you’d like to have dinner with: Donald Trump, my grandmother and Jarvis Landry.

If making it to Hershey was the big goal, you clinched that in your before you semifinal match. Was that a relief? Definitely. Feel like I had 500 pounds on my shoulders. After my hand got raised, the stress was relieved.

You looked like a man possessed heading onto the mat for your final. I don’t know if that’s a regular thing you do. You were staring the guy down — probably freaked him out. Is that part of your wrestling? Not really. I try to keep my head straight and focus on one narrow thing. So, I was just thinking about the match the whole entire time.

He got a couple good shots on you. He definitely did have a couple good shots on me early on. He had that one shot and I knew I could counter it with the move that I did, which was the Jonesy. So, I hit it, put him in a cradle and …

The one shot he had was pretty much exactly what he tried to do to you the second time. Did you file that away? He got the first shot off on me — which was a good shot, don’t get me wrong — and then I was thinking if he gets it again, I know how to counter it.

Is that ever a matter of baiting someone? At practice and stuff, I leave my leg up for kids to grab so I can hit them with moves that I usually won’t hit kids in matches with. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was baiting him in. But, my leg was there, so …

How satisfying is it when you’re able to execute a move like that and end the match? It’s definitely satisfying, it definitely is. But that was only 55 seconds into the match, so if it were to go any longer, I couldn’t be all worked up over that one move. Definitely satisfying that the move that I did worked out for me.

You were the No. 1 seed going in. At that point, do you expect to win the tournament? I don’t look that far ahead. I work from one match to another. My semifinal match was a tough match. My first match, the kid was pretty good; he was just a strong kid. It’s just match by match getting there. I don’t like looking ahead to the finals. That’s where I want to be everywhere, but it’s just match by match.

In the regional setting, do you know anything about the other wrestlers? Pretty much going in blind. I don’t look at film, I don’t do any of that stuff. I don’t like knowing anything about anybody else. I just go out there and do my thing and wrestle.

How do you get ready for a match? What’s your routine? I don’t really know. Just a good stretch in before the matches. I usually listen to music before my match. Like, 10 minutes before my match, I won’t do much. I’ll just listen to my music.

What’s in the headphones? I only listen to country music, so country music is going through the headphones.

What song was playing before the championship match? The song was called “Times We Had.”

Do you like to be in your own zone on wrestling days? Or are you talking to people? I do like talking to people to release some stress. I mean, sometimes it is good to have your head on one thing — which would be the match — but after the match, I like socializing with people.

Wrestling or football? Personally, I wasn’t even going to play football this year. I’m not a big fan of football. I’d have to go with wrestling.
What is it about wrestling that you like so much? Football is an 11-man sport, so you have everybody else around you. So, it’s not just one person makes a mistake; the whole team makes a mistake. So, I like the individualized part.

Your brother Logan was a pretty good wrestler. Do you guys still face off? He’s still in pretty good shape. … He’s just a lot bigger than me. He’s like 220 pounds, 6-foot-3, 6-foot-2, so he’s a big kid.

Did that help you growing up? It definitely helped me out getting beat up by him a little bit. Made me a little tougher.

How old is your sister Emma? She’s my twin.

Do you guys ever wrestle? No.

Could she take you though? Yeah, she definitely could.

Do you get to watch any TV? I don’t usually watch TV. I like to place Xbox in my free time.

I’m just going to take a guess here. Do you play ‘Fortnite?’ That’s what I play. Yep. That’s it right there. I love Fortnite.

What is it about that game that’s so great? When the game first came out, I was like “I don’t like this game at all. I’m just going to stick to ‘Call of Duty,’” because I’ve been playing “Call of Duty” since I was a little kid. I’m just going to stick to “Call of Duty.” And then one of my friends was like, “Why don’t you just try it?” I was like, all right it’s free, why not download it? So, I tired it and, oh, I was absolutely horrible when the game first came out. I was horrible. And then I started getting better and better and now I love it. Come home from wrestling practice, take a shower, eat dinner, get on “Fortnite.”

What’s your record for longest “Fortnite” session? I mean, on Sundays — Sundays are my days off — I’ll wake up in the morning, play “Fortnite” until 8 o’clock at night.

So, we’re interrupting your “Fortnite” right now. Noooo, not really.

Is this a thing where you play with people you know? You can play by yourself, you can play with duos — which would be you and one of your friends — or you can play squad, which is with four people. … I play squad the most.

Who do you play with? I play with D.J. Klinges, who actually came with me to regionals, Ron Traver and town folks. Kids who go to my school.

Who’s the best? Out of all my friends? I don’t know. It’s going to be an insult if I say someone. I’ll say Ronnie, Ronnie Traver is probably the best out of all of our friends.

You’re a senior. What are you going to do next year? My plans are to wrestle in college and earn a scholarship to wrestle in college. I want to major in either criminal justice or business management. I haven’t really decided on one.

What’s the dream school? The dream school? I mean everybody’s dream school as a wrestler is Penn State. But I don’t know. At this point, whoever offers me the best (package).

Is it important for you to wrestle in college? Yeah, actually last year, I wanted nothing to do with college. I wanted to get out of high school, actually go to a trade school, get my two years, become a welder. But this year, my dad was like “I’ll make a deal with you: If you get a scholarship for wrestling to go to school, I’ll get you a new truck.” So, that’s what I’m working for right now is a scholarship so I can get a new truck.

Do you have the truck picked out? No I haven’t yet. With wrestling, too, I don’t like looking ahead at things. When the time comes, that’s when I’ll start looking for vehicles. Because if I start looking now, I’ll get overexcited.

What’s the dream truck? I’d have to say a 2017 6.7 platinum powerstroke.

Now that college has come into the picture, is it something you’re excited about? I’m definitely excited about wrestling in college. I would like to see the change in experience and speed with everybody there.

Last thing: When you were an All-Region football player, you had the long hair. Now, you’re going with the mullet. Does that change based on season? I like the long hair for football because (Green Bay Packers’) Clay Matthews is a very good linebacker/standup defensive end. And everybody wants to be in the pros, so you always have to have someone to look up to. So, I like the long hair for Clay Matthews. And wrestling season, last year they were going to take wrestling out of the Olympics, and the mullet was something that resembled “Keep wrestling in the Olympics.” I got it last year, too. Do it again this year.