Good morning.

Here we are in the heat and humidity if July and football is in the air. On Tuesday, I visited the County team practice at Abington Heights High School. Coach Joe Repshis was, as he always is, a very hospitable host, giving me all access to the practice.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete visit without Greg Justave making sure he points out how few passes I caught in high school. Both he and I played back in the Dark Ages of high school football, when passing was frowned upon. The County was going through a 7-on-7 Drill when he mentioned that I would have loved to run some spread formations and he asked, in front of everybody, “Did you catch any passes at Lakeland?” Which, of course, he knew would not be the case because I played running back. I answered, “I did, but only 7.” He asked, “What did you drop the rest?” Funny, but I think I only had like 8 or 9 passes thrown to me my entire senior season. The irony of my lack of production in a passing attack that attempted 66 passes in 13 games is that I earned my scholarship to Lafayette College to play receiver. Any way, Greg is a great guy. I always enjoy seeing him and talking football. I still have a hard time believing his son, Corey, will soon be playing football at Kutztown University.

OK, quick observation from the County practice — This team is huge.

Right off the bat, the linemen looked very strong. What is often impressive about the Dream Game is that, while some schools and programs like Delaware Valley and Dunmore, consistently have good size up front, most high school teams have one, maybe two players who are genuinely big linemen. When you put together an all-star team, and the athletes are a year older, it just looks impressive.


Here are some of the sizes of the linemen I saw:

  • Corey Justave, Abington Heights – 6-4, 275
  • John Actisdano, Delaware Valley – 6-4, 240
  • Trevor Brown, Old Forge – 6-3, 305
  • Tom Malandri, Mid Valley – 6-3, 265
  • Bryan Hudak, Valley View – 6-3, 260
  • Billy Nash, Riverside – 6-3, 215
  • Nick Kerekes, Abington Heights – 6-3, 200
  • Angelo Mazzoni, Valley View – 6-3, 200
  • Michael Lowry, Lakeland – 6-2, 205
  • Eddie Cavalier, Lakeland – 6-0, 285
  • Eric Ferko, Lakeland – 6-0, 250


When you see players that size, you would think by this time of the summer they would have a hard time with conditioning. Well, I am here to tell you, I watched them endure a brutal test of strength and speed, while also building team camaraderie and I was more than impressed.


Here is my video from practice:






Scenes from County practice for

83rd Scranton Lions Club

Dream Game





That’s all for today.

I am scheduled to attend City practice tonight. I checked in with City coach Michael Marichak last night and he told me he was impressed with his group and their intensity.

I will have a notebook in Thursday’s Times-Tribune, and a Blog Post.


Here is what the schedule looks like for The Times-Tribune


  • Today: Notebook – Including two cousins, Scranton’s Greg Miller and West Scranton’s Tamon Brown, playing as teammates.










  • Thursday: Notebook
  • Friday: City player profile
  • Saturday: County player profile
  • Sunday: City and County player previews. List of past results.
  • Monday: City player profile
  • Tuesday: County player profile
  • Wednesday: Starting lineups.
  • Thursday: 83rd Scranton Lions Club Dream Game coverage (Shhhh. … I heard a rumor the Dangerous Donnie Collins may be making an appearance).