Did you know I love pro wrestling?

One day, I’ll give you my full origin story but today I got a lot of ground to cover. Last night was WWE Summerslam, one of the big four yearly events, and the beauty was insane.

WWE has a team of hair and makeup artists, the Glam Squad, who create most of the looks for the entertainers. Every wrestler is a personality and the Glam Squad members execute the makeup and hair of each individual to complement and elevate the characters and their storylines. The men are tanned and their hair is styled but the women … OH my Lawd. This is where the fun is.

Some people might think it’s sexist of me to focus on their hair and makeup but let’s get this out of the way: these women are fierce athletes. While the matches may be choreographed, the physicality is real. They’re breaking their bodies and giving everything they have to their craft. Also, this is a beauty blog and about lifting ourselves up. Nothing lifts me up more than strong, badass women flying high with perfect contour. And if we’ve learned anything in the past year it’s that women are more than just one-dimensional. We’re allowed to like lipstick and also be strong enough to throw you across the room.

Anyway, here are my favorite SummerSlam looks on the Superstars last night, in order of appearance.

Zelina Vega

One of WWE’s newest bad girls, Zelina Vega came to play. Wearing all white ring gear, save for black fishnets, Zelina’s lids were covered shimmery slate gray that smoked out underneath with a pearly white hue on the inner corners. Her eyes were lined in black liner with a wing on the top outer and inner corners and a strong line along her bottom lashes. Speaking of lashes, her top lashes were thick and fanned out over her eyes, giving total femme fatale vibes. Besides a dramatic eye, Zelina’s long, black hair is her signature and I loved that it was left down last night. Strong brows were a huge theme at SummerSlam and Zelina came out with perfect arches. She also wore a deep wine color on her lips that made me want to reach for all of my berries, browns and purples. Her whole look got me in the mood for a very spooky fall. We stan a vampy queen.


Lana‘s SummerSlam looks are ICONIC. Please Google “Lana SummerSlam 2016” and behold her acid-washed, ’80s video vixenness. It’s a MOOD. She truly delivers during big events and last night saw the Ravishing Russian sporting the most beautiful hair-down-to-there platinum blonde ponytail. I am a sucker for a high pony but add a few inches (or feet in this case) and it’s a lewk I will chase for the rest of my life. Her face was impeccable, with a super chiseled contour, smokey eyes, long lashes and her signature bright red lip. But that ponytail — holy moly. Lana Day can be every day if we all get to wear long, luscious ponytails.

Renee Young

Renee Young isn’t a wrestler but she IS the first woman to ever call a full episode of WWE Raw so she’s pretty important. An on-air personality, Renee hosted the SummerSlam pre-show and appeared backstage conducting interviews last night looking like a HOT tamale, in every sense of the word. Dressed in all red, Renee’s cheeks were super sculpted. She had bronzed skin and a bangin’ highlight, too. Strong brows, lush lashes, a nude lip and a fresh baby pink mani topped off her look. She served up some Spice Girls realness with a sky-high wrap-around ponytail. Spice Force Five, fo’eva.

Charlotte Flair

Even though she screwed over her friend to claim SmackDown Women’s Championship from Alexa Bliss, Charlotte‘s look was regal as ever. She is Hall of Famer and resident maniac (in the greatest way possible) Ric Flair’s daughter, after all. The Queen’s makeup matched her ring gear with baby pink shimmer and some glitter on her lids with a mauvey color in the crease and her lower lash line smoked out. For in-ring action, Charlotte’s hair is typically pulled away from her face, and last night’s look featured two French crown braids on either side of her off-center part and loose waves. The look was topped off with her usual radiant skin, sculpted cheeks and strong brows. Brb, learning to  braid my own crown.

Becky Lynch

The category is … heel turn. After being betrayed by Charlotte, Becky Lynch got her revenge by going after her former friend. Now a certified bad girl, Becky’s look matched. The Irish Lasskicker, whose overall look is said to be based on fiery sorceress Chandra Nalaar from trading card game Magic: The Gathering, emerged from the curtain with her red locks teased at the crown and pulled half-up, with small waves falling down her shoulders. Two tiny cornrows trailed down the curve above either side of her ears, with the top cornrows moving into long rope braids. Her makeup was just as intense and featured a mask-like stripe of gray and red, running from temple to temple, with brown detail across her forehead. Her eyes were lined in black, with a double-wing on the outer corners and black under her lash line. Yellow shadow was smoked out underneath and the rest of her face was contoured to the gods like a straight-up warrior princess. Some have reported last night’s look was a play on video game character, Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn. Whatever it was, I’m diggin’ it.


I’m such a sucker for cheetah print, Barbie and Moschino so you know I was loving Carmella‘s SummerSlam look. The Princess of Staten Island’s ring gear looked like Nicki Minaj and Jeremy Scott’s styles had a baby and her makeup did not disappoint. Mella donned bright fuchsia shadow from lash line to brow bone, baby pink glitter lids, a hint of orchid on her inner corners, hot pink smoked out on her bottom lash line and seriously long, black lashes. She had clean brows and contour, pink flushed cheek and bright pinky-purple lips. My absolute favorite was her hair done in bounce barrel curls with strands of pink popping out from underneath. It was pulled in a ‘Mella-style half-up ponytail on the top of her head with — I am so excited to say — a hot pink scrunchie. Carmella might have lost her title as SmackDown Women’s Champ but she won in my little Barbie-girl heart. Nothing but respect for MY president.


I am and always will be Team Natalya. The Queen of Harts is a wrestling heir, part of the Hart Family Dynasty and trained in the dungeons in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She’s also one of pro wrestling’s best athletes in history. Nattie, who came to support Ronda Rousey, is a self-proclaimed cat lady, but known for her black catsuit ring gear she pairs with soft blonde waves, sculpted cheeks, smoky eyes and a glossy lip. That’s exactly how she showed up in Brooklyn last night. Nattie just lost her dad, pro wrestler Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, last Monday and showed up at SummerSlam wearing his iconic pink and black jacket. Jim, along with Nattie’s mom, Ellie, was frequent part of reality show “Total Divas” and you could tell how close Nattie was to both of her parents. I’m heartbroken for their family but watching her come out to honor her dad was incredibly sweet and touching.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is typically my favorite beauty Superstar. Alexa’s contour and highlight are always spot on but her huge crystal-blue eyes are the star. Typically, the larger your eyes, the more makeup they can handle and I know the Glam Squad must have the MOST fun doing Alexa’s eye makeup. In addition to huge lashes, the Goddess was decked out in a purple and pink color palette — what looked like shimmers and mattes — from lash line to brown bone and smoked out underneath. Her inner corners were dusted a bright baby pink and she wore her signature back winged-liner with smokey purple accent. I can’t tell you how much I love the way the makeup artists play on Alexa’s love of Disney and comic book characters — Harley Quinn especially. Last night, her hair was in super long low pigtails with pink-dipped ends, reminiscent of the DC Comics villain. Alexa has this fun Sour Patch Kid-like sweet/sour thing she does and her pigtails were topped off with two purple ribbons. Remember what I said before about the Glam Squad elevating the characters? So. Good.

Ronda Rousey

The rumors swirled for YEARS that UFC star Ronda Rousey was going to sign a WWE contract. My heart fell out of my butt when I heard Joan Jett’s “Reputation” blare over the speakers during the final moments of the 2018 Royal Rumble as Ronda officially made her WWE debut. Last night, Ronda became Raw Women’s Champ while she channeled some MAJOR “Black Swan” vibes. Whether or not that was intentional remains to be seen but Ronda’s eyes were lined from inner to outer corner (both ending in a wing) in smoky black, framed by a thick, strong line that trailed all the way up to her hairline. Red and black striped alternately out of the top of her eyebrows. Her hair was just as cool with intricate circling cornrows on the sides of her head and a French braid across the top center. All the braids met in a ponytail in the back. The rest of her look was simple with some contour but she absolutely made a statement — and I think I found a possible Halloween costume.

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