Today we learned that an attorney for an Olyphant disciple of Cult 45 who participated in the Jan. 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol is negotiating a guilty plea.

That’s what guilty defendants do. 

Maybe Michael J. Rusyn’s taxpayer-funded public defender convinced him to let go of the absurd claim that he was “carried” inside the Capitol by a wave of fellow insurrectionists. Maybe Rusyn is ready to admit his criminality and accept the consequences of his anti-American choices. 

Here’s hoping federal prosecutors are ready to hold Rusyn accountable in a manner that reflects and respects the magnitude of his decision to join a mob bent on overturning the results of a free and fair election and willing to assault, injure or kill anyone who got in the way. 

Michael Rusyn should spend some time in jail. So should Old Forge Insurrectionist Frank Scavo, who initially lied to the media about breaching the Capitol until photographic evidence outed him. Then he copped the same pathetic defense as Rusyn: I got carried away

You sure did, Frank, but by yourself and no one else. Frank lied in the aftermath of the riot because he knew he had crossed a bright, red line. His claim that he was pushed inside would be laughable if the stakes of this case weren’t so grave. 

Any decision by prosecutors and judges related to proper punishment of all Capitol riot defendants should be filtered through the hard lens of the four Capitol police officers who testified Tuesday and the bodycam footage that backs them up. 

Fox “News” and other right-wing revisionists immediately mocked the cops and minimized the violence captured by cameras. Letting alleged Americans who breached the Capitol walk without jail time would do the same damned thing.