Whether prior to the Jan. 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol or in the five months since, Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has revealed himself as a conspirator in the deadly, treasonous assault on American democracy. 

Chief among a cabal of GOP “leaders” willing to do anything to keep the truth of the insurrection — especially the possible involvement of Republican elected officials in the planning of the attack — McCarthy on Wednesday threatened freshman members of his caucus with retribution if any agree to take part in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s select committee investigation. 

The select committee was made necessary by McCarthy’s refusal to participate in a bipartisan commission aimed at getting the truth for the American people — even those who don’t want it and won’t believe it. 

The truth is the last thing McCarthy wants the American people to know, so he is still trying to kill any probe that might out him and his cohorts in the GOP “coward caucus” as supporting sedition at best, committing treason at worst. So far, my money’s on worst. 

A thorough, objective investigation could remove any doubt one way or the other. GOP fantasists and the “red-pilled” Qultists they feed for fear of being mauled insist the mysterious, largely non-existent “ANTIFA” and — according to the increasingly unhinged Fox “News” white grievance guru Tucker Carlson — the FBI and DOJ are responsible for the attack. 

If any of them really believe that, they should be clamoring for an investigation that could prove it and vindicate everything they’ve been saying about the attacks since January. Instead, McCarthy and his minions are doing everything under the sun to keep any light from being shed on the subject. 

Why? If you can’t answer that for yourselves, I’m wasting my time.