President Bone Spurs’ professed love and admiration for America’s fighting men and women was always a charade poorly played by a draft-dodger who once compared his wild sex life to his “own personal Vietnam.” An alleged man who equates V.D. — an easily avoidable scourge — with the V.C. who used guerilla warfare to attack, maim and kill American soldiers has no real regard for the terrible costs and sacrifices of war. 

The news that Vladimir Putin paid Taliban terrorists bounties for killing American soldiers with Trump’s tacit approval is shocking, but not at all surprising. Trump has proven time and again there is nothing he won’t do for his “great friend” in the Kremlin. The story, originally broken by The New York Times and later confirmed by The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and news outlets the world over reveals that Trump was alerted to this threat against American soldiers as early as last year, and somehow gave it even less thought than his white-flag approach to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Trump knew Putin was paying terrorists to target American troops when he called cadets back to West Point so he could use them as props in a “graduation” speech that backfired into an international discussion on his ability to drink water and walk upright. Trump, as usual, denied he was ever told about Putin funding the murder of American troops. As usual, all available evidence and long-established procedure and tradition insist that he was told and chose to suck up to his favorite dictator instead of standing up as commander in chief. 

Half a week into this latest scandal, the White House is still mounting an indefensible defense. Asked whether her boss had any official statement for the Kremlin, Spokesliar Kayleigh McEnany responded, “A message for Moscow? No, because he has not been briefed on the matter.”

In a presidency predicated on preposterous excuses, this may be the most pathetic to date, but McEnany regurgitated it with doe-eyed vigor. She reminds me of those “BRATZ” dolls that were the rage with “tweenage” girls a few toy crazes ago: Big eyes. Empty head. Just tawdry enough to toe the line between innocence and indecency, but ultimately a plastic doll selling shiny fantasies to impressionable minds that prefer make-believe to hard truths. 

To take this White House at its word, one must believe that a clear and present danger to American soldiers funded by a hostile foreign power was never brought to the attention of the commander in chief. Keeping such information from a sitting president would be historically irresponsible at best, treasonous at worst.

If Trump truly wasn’t briefed, why aren’t heads rolling across his administration of “best people?” Why aren’t Republican senators and Trump’s enablers at Fox “News” and right-wing radio and antisocial media howling for “Benghazi!”-style investigations and public hearings? 

Because Trump was briefed. He knew and did nothing. Even if you choose to delude yourselves about what the president didn’t know and when he didn’t know it, TRUMP KNOWS NOW. 

He is still doing nothing. Saying nothing. So, Trumpers, where is your outrage? If this was any other president — especially the Black One with the Muslim-sounding name — you would march on the White House and demand his immediate removal from office. Here’s your chance to “support the troops” beyond a bumper sticker.  

Never mind. Your silence says all the rest of us need to know about where your allegiances lie. When presented with a choice between Trump and America, you choose Trump every time, even at the expense of the fighting men and women who volunteer to risk life, limb and liberty to secure your right to sell them out to a disastrous fraud you helped inflict on a nation you so lavishly claim to love so much better than the rest of us. 

There are words for what you are. “Patriots” is not one of them.